Stingray City is considered the world's 'Best Twelve Foot Dive'! Stingray City is a perfect spot for an easy dive or snorkeling, and is not to be missed! This is a perfect snorkeling trip for kids and adults alike.

Stingray City started years ago when local fishermen used to clean their daily catch in this shallow, sandy spot near the North Wall. The stingrays would gather to feed on scraps of fish and have since become incredibly accustomed to people. They are very safe and capable of being hand-fed, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Nearby, the Sandbar has also become a popular recreation spot, especially for families coming by boat on weekends. The stingrays are extremely tame and flock here, in less than four feet of water; perfect for snorkeling!

Stingray City is the Cayman Islands' most famous attraction! Stingray City and the nearby shallows known as the Sandbar provide the only natural opportunity in the world to swim with more than two dozen 'tame' Atlantic Southern Stingrays who seem to enjoy the company of humans. Any scuba diving trip to the Cayman Islands would not be complete without a visit to Stingray City!

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