Deep Blue Divers have two 27ft custom designed outboard driven dive boats. One is called Ocean Blue and the other Deep Blue. Both boats are Dusky and give a smooth and comfortable ride in most sea conditions while scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.

Both boats are fast and the rides are always short. Most dives on the west side of Grand Cayman only take a few minutes to get to, and the north side is just a short ride from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club located in Governors Harbour.

The advantage of taking boats like ours is we can travel to dive sites that others can’t, allowing you to experience a greater variety of sites during your vacation in Cayman. The larger boats are too slow and often crowded and impersonal. We take a maximum of 8 divers, giving us a chance to get to know our divers and plenty of opportunity to lend help.

Both boats are equipped with all the latest equipment to ensure your diving experience in Grand Cayman is both fun and safe. If you find there is something we don't have and should please let us know.

George Town
+78...+88° F